Mirrabooka Man Gets Sentence Quashed After Wearing Bush Chook Shirt To Court

A Mirrabooka madman and all-round lout has had his sentence quashed in a Joondalup Court after impressing the judge with his $49.99 Bush Chook Shirt.

Originally bought as a "fun party shirt" in a recent Bush Chook sale. The short sleeve button-up has saved the day and made him a new and powerful friend.

Jayden Kuntz, 32, found himself in hot water with police and pubgoers at a work function that got out of hand. Mr. Kuntz was reported for public nuisance and other scallywag behaviour after performing a burnout at the bar on a hired E-scooter. The smoke set off fire alarms and caused the evacuation of two Scarborough pubs.

In closing remarks Judge Thomas stated, “Even though your behaviour is abhorrent, your taste in shirts is top-notch! If you let me have it I’ll bin these charges”

A bewildered and bare-chested Jayden celebrated the victory outside court with perplexed reporters and onlookers. Through a thick plume of vape smoke he was quoted as saying “Fyeah, I knew my Bush Chook Shirt was a winner, up the chooks!! Yewwwww!”

Mr. Kuntz was last seen heading to the pub with the Judge.
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