Collection: Mystery Buckets

Life can get predictable sometimes, so we thought we should add a bit of spice to the life of our loyal Bushchooks and throw out the rulebook.

We’ve set up FIVE different mystery boxes, filled to the brim with the quality gear you know and love (and one never before seen design.) But there’s one catch…

You won’t know what you’re getting!

Don’t sweat it though. You can trust us!


Choose your Chook Bucket:

Select your favourite bucket and let us know your sizes. There’s a box that’ll have everyone smiling from ear to beer.

Spectacular deals, products and mystery items:

Our buckets contain some of our most popular gear and also a brand new design that no one has ever seen! We’ll chuck in the best of the best and all the rest. The bigger you go, the more you’ll save!

Crack a tin and wait for the postie:

Your work here is done.


Q: What if I don’t froth my bucket?

A:Surprises aren’t for everyone. And one or two people mightn’t be pleased with everything they receive.However…If you’re a diehard Bush Chook fan we’re sure you’ll find a use for everything. Whether you swap an item at the pub for a parmi or send something out of the box to your mate for their birthday. The savings alone on these buckets will keep you smiling.Trust us, we stand beside the chook gear we'll send you.